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Val's story is pretty unique in the wine business and began six generations ago in Sonoma, CA. Val's two great-great grandfathers are well-known California pioneers and historic Sonoma legends. Mexican General Mariano Vallejo founded Sonoma in 1835 and made wine in the army barracks still located on Sonoma's town square. He was forced at gunpoint to relinquish California to the Bear Flaggers—a self-proclaimed and rather nasty group who declared California a republic for themselves on June 14, 1846, the precursor to California official statehood 25 days later.

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Val Haraszthy
June 12, 2019 | Val Haraszthy

Musings from the Den

Take a guess how many people it takes to get a bottle of wine onto the store shelf, or on a wine list? Answer: Not exactly sure, but a whole bunch.  Continue »

Val Haraszthy
May 28, 2019 | Val Haraszthy

Musings from the Den

A great value. What a concept! What are the factors? Price + Experience = Value. Price is money. Experience is perception. Value is judgement. It’s entirely your call.  Continue »

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