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Val Haraszthy
June 25, 2019 | Val Haraszthy

The Wine Crowd vs. The Beer Crowd

Many consumers say they are utterly confused with wine terminology. I don’t blame them. Is there anything more uncomfortable than finding yourself in the presence of a party-going self-proclaimed fault finding wine critic?

“This wine sadly unravels from it’s mid-point to it’s disappointing angular almost piquant and unsustained finish.” Really? Thanks for harshening my buzz. I was enjoying it myself. Go away wine knocker.

I love good wine and I love good beer so I hang with both crowds. Never once I have heard such sniffle from a beer fancier. Not once. And make no mistake - beers are also distinct and  diverse (like wine) with respect to their flavor profiles - unique aromas. Beer and wine both have a spice rack to enjoy.

I hate to say it, but I prefer hanging with the beer crowd - always content in their solitary enjoyment of their beverage of choice without the need to dissect the English language in order to explain it to others. Here’s an idea. If you like it, tell everybody. If you don’t, consider silence.


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