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Val Haraszthy
May 28, 2019 | Val Haraszthy

Musings from the Den

Like other luxury goods, wine can be crazy expensive. But is expensive wine really a better value?  Next time your friends stop by pour them your 2007 Screaming Eagle @ $4299.00 / bottle.  Now, try our Bearitage Petite Sirah @ $12.99  / bottle.  The Screaming Eagle will definitely be superior but $4286.00 better?  It depends.

Here’s where the “experience” can drive the value up regardless of the price.  It is safe to say that consumers able and willing to pay super luxury prices are a very narrow sector of the wine buying public.  They purchase them for their rarity, artful finesse, generosity, and notoriety sufficient to deem them true treasures.  Hitch these highest expressions of art coming from agriculture to a special occasion and, indeed the value can be there for the host. A singular extraordinary memory adds to the wine’s value.

Conversely, if your occasion or experience is more casual – everyday - less momentous worthy, please consider our Bearitage wines.  We hope you find them true to varietal character and a great value. 


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