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Val Haraszthy
June 12, 2019 | Val Haraszthy

Musings from the Den

Take a guess how many people it takes to get a bottle of wine onto the store shelf, or on a wine list?  Answer:  Not exactly sure, but a whole bunch.

While finding wine is easy given the vast world-wide selection, it is usual to overlook the surprising array of people with their assorted skill sets necessary to achieve that single shelf or wine list placement.  

The Team:  Grape farmers, wine makers, chemists, marketers, distributors and their sales representatives, warehousing, shipping – collectively engaging the marketplace to land that one bottle of wine on the shelf in front of the consumer.

The reason to buy our wines is because they are excellent value wines.  We are proud of that. Wherever you may buy our wines please know how much we appreciate your support, as does our extended family of trade partner brothers and sisters right down the line.  


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